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Legal Aid For Welfare Benefits Scotland

There appears to be a common perception within the public that legal aid is only available for criminal cases, and no longer available for anything else like welfare cases. It is true that the ‘Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act’ introduced in 2012 did remove free legal help for FTT (First-tier Tribunal) welfare […]

Wrongful Arrest Legal Aid Scotland

Being detained by the police can be a terrifying experience, particularly if it has been done unlawfully or with unnecessary aggression. If you’ve been accused of a crime and face potentially going to prison, it is important that you know your rights. While it is important that you obtain legal advice from a solicitor, this […]

Legal Assistance Scotland

Legal Aid Legal aid gives you help that you could need if you can’t afford to pay your own legal costs. Our solicitors specialise in cases in Scotland and will talk you through your options and let you know whether or not you are likely to get legal aid. If you are then they can […]

Legal Assistance Glasgow

Legal Aid Legal aid is when legal assistance is provided to people in Glasgow who are unable to afford legal representation and access to the court system. Applying for legal aid help to pay for your solicitor to act for you in court. It covers all of the preparation work as well as the court […]

Criminal Legal Aid Glasgow

At a police station in Glasgow If you are going to be interviewed by the police under caution or you have been arrested then you are always entitled to free legal advice and representation. There is certain circumstances where you are interviewed about a minor offence where this right will be limited to advice over […]

Legal Aid For Divorce Glasgow

Legal aid can be made available towards the legal costs of divorce or dissolution, however, for you to be eligible you will be assessed on the basis of how much income, savings, investments and valuables you have. When it comes to legal aid for divorce there are two kinds of legal aid help that is […]

Legal Services Scotland

We are a law practice that can help people with both civil and criminal cases all over Scotland. If you are in need of legal services then you can expect one of our solicitors to speak with you to provide some free initial advice. As experienced solicitors, we know the courts in Scotland and how […]

Legal Services Glasgow

Our firm is currently the leading provider of legal advice and services to individuals and families in Glasgow and in the rest of Scotland. This success is due to the firm’s continued focus on meeting the needs of each and every client who comes to us for our legal services. Our team of solicitors in […]

Legal Aid Scotland

Legal aid in Scotland can be given for both civil cases and criminal cases. The benefit of legal aid is that it allows you to receive advice and/or representation in court despite you not being able to afford the legal fees. Civil legal assistance in Scotland This helps you get legal advice and the help […]

Legal Aid Solicitors Scotland

What legal aid is Legal aid allows people in Scotland access to legal help when they need it and is normally for people who would struggle/cannot pay the costs of this help. Typically The Scottish Legal Aid Board will provide funding to help people who qualify for legal advice and representation from a solicitor. Different […]