Legal Aid Agency Scotland

Legal aid allows people to get financial help for their legal problems. In the majority of cases a solicitor will offer to help through legal aid which is funded by SLAB ( Scottish Legal Aid Board) who are the main legal aid agency.

SLAB who is the main legal aid agency can offer legal aid for both criminal and civil cases.

Civil assistance – This helps people in Scotland to get legal advice and the help of a solicitor to resolve their problem and if necessary, to take their civil case to court.

Examples of some civil cases include:

  • Divorces and other matters that affect families and children
  • Trying to get compensation for injuries after an accident or for medical negligence
  • Housing matters for example rent/mortgage arrears, repairs and eviction
  • Debt and welfare rights
  • Matters relating to immigration, nationality and asylum
  • Adults with incapacity – guardianship and intervention orders

Criminal legal assistance – This helps people who need legal advice or representation if they have been questioned by the police or they have been charged with a criminal offence.

When you are applying for legal aid in Scotland, it’s essential that the information about your circumstances are complete and accurate. If there are any changes then you must also tell the legal aid agency where appropriate.

If the legal aid agency find that you have made a false statement or have held back information about your case or circumstances then they may stop the legal aid that has been given to you and there is a chance that you will have to repay the full costs of the case. You could also potentially face criminal charges as a result of this.

The legal aid agency SLAB have a duty to make sure that public money in Scotland is properly spent which means that they will check with the department for work and pensions, councils, employers and any other relevant third party, that the information that you have given is true.

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