Legal Aid Solicitors Glasgow

Legal aid solicitors GlasgowLegal services can be expensive, especially when there is a case that involves solicitors attending court.

Luckily The Scottish Legal Aid Board provides legal aid to individuals who cannot afford to pay solicitors to provide them with advice/representation.

We are legal aid solicitors that are based in an office in Glasgow. Each of our legal aid solicitors are fully qualified in all forms of cases based on Scots law. This includes both criminal proceedings and civil cases.

Criminal legal aid – Criminal legal aid is available for both advice and representation at court hearings in Glasgow. With the support of legal aid, our solicitors are able to provide you, our client with advice before you are even formally interviewed by the police. Our team of solicitors can appear with you from custody and we can even defend you at trial.

Civil Legal Aid – This is available in the form of legal aid advice and assistance from our legal aid solicitors and is generally before your case gets to court. Civil cases can range from family law disputes, personal injury, evictions and repossessions, immigration and asylum, mental health issues, human rights claims and contact disputes. If your matter cannot be resolves reasonably and your case will be heard by a court then our legal aid solicitors will make an application for you to the Scottish Legal Aid Board for Civil Legal Aid.

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