Legal Assistance Scotland

Legal Aid

Legal aid gives you help that you could need if you can’t afford to pay your own legal costs.

Our solicitors specialise in cases in Scotland and will talk you through your options and let you know whether or not you are likely to get legal aid. If you are then they can help you with the application process.

To be eligible for legal aid you will need to show that you can’t afford to pay for your legal assistance or representation yourself.

Depending on your circumstances you may have to pay some money towards the legal costs of your case or you may have to pay the costs back later on. It could be that you may not need to pay anything at all however, this does depend on your financial position and the type of legal assistance it is that you require.

What Legal Aid Covers

Legal aid covers both civil and criminal cases in Scotland. The type that you need depends on the help that you need.

Advice & Assistance

This helps to pay for advice from one of our solicitors on any matter that you may have whether it is civil or criminal.

As well as being able to give you advice, one of our solicitors can:

  • Give you advice on whether or not you have a legal case to take forward
  • Try to negotiate with the other party to settle it
  • Give you advice on whether or not to apply for legal aid to take the matter to court
  • Write letters for you or get medical/expert reports
  • Apply on your behalf for civil legal aid

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