Legal Services Glasgow

slider2Our firm is currently the leading provider of legal advice and services to individuals and families in Glasgow and in the rest of Scotland. This success is due to the firm’s continued focus on meeting the needs of each and every client who comes to us for our legal services.

Our team of solicitors in our Glasgow based firm, are there to provide advice and/or representation at the most important and sometimes difficult times in our clients’ lives. Whatever circumstances have brought you to our solicitors, you can expect our team to strive to offer a highly personal and considered approach.

We can offer our legal services for both civil and criminal cases, with there being different types of services available. We go into depth about the different types of services below.

Civil cases

For civil cases, we are able to offer:

  • Legal help – This service is where you will receive advice on your rights and options and help with negotiating
  • Help at court – This service is where one of our solicitors will speak on your behalf at court however, our solicitors wouldn’t be formally representing you
  • Family mediation – This is where our solicitors will help you to come to an agreement in a family dispute after your relationship has broken down without it going as far as court. Family mediation is particularly useful if you want to resolve problems that involve children, money and the family home
  • Legal representation – This service is where one of our solicitors will represent you at court
  • Controlled legal representation – This involves representation at mental health tribunal proceedings or before the first-tier tribunal in an asylum or immigration case


Criminal cases

For criminal cases, we are able to provide the following legal services:

  • Representation order – This is where our solicitors will represent you. In order for you to qualify for this service in the magistrates’ court you must meet financial conditions
  • Advocacy assistance – This service covers the cost of us preparing your case and initial representation in particular cases for example prisoners that are facing disciplinary charges, prisoners with a life sentence who are referred to the parole board or who warrant further detention. For you to be eligible for advocacy assistance, you don’t have to meet any financial conditions unless it’s a prison hearing
  • Free advice and representation at the magistrates’ court – If you haven’t had legal advice before your case comes up at the magistrates’ court then you will be allowed free legal advice and representation by the court duty solicitor. This doesn’t apply to less serious cases for example minor driving offences, however, it can cover cases like the non-payment of council tax. There are no financial conditions that have to be met in order for you to be eligible for this service


We charge competitive prices for each of our legal services, however, we do take on cases that involve the client applying for legal aid.

Legal aid can be of great benefit for clients in Glasgow who simply do not have the funds to pay out for legal representation although there are a number of conditions that have to be met in order for you to be eligible for it. For you to be eligible for legal aid, your income and capital must be within certain limits.

If you or your partner are getting benefits then your income will not be looked at to see if you qualify for legal aid however, you can expect your capital to still be looked at. If you have income then you can expect your gross monthly income to be taken into account which is the income that you receive before tax and national insurance are taken off.

For more information on our legal services, just make an appointment to come into our firm today by filling out our contact form.